Alpine, Texas
GFWC Juniorettes
Of Alpine


Monthly Luncheon Meeting is held on the 2nd Tuesday

or as voted annually from September to May at the AHS Library during lunch.


The objective of the club is to bring together high school students, to develop and encourage the interest and talents of individual members, to work as a unified group for community improvement and service and to cooperate with other federated clubs.

GFWC Juniorettes of Alpine

Successful Projects:

2013 - The club project for 2012-2014 is "Keep Alpine Beautiful."

In November at the 4th Annual GO Texas Fall Festival, the club promoted Keep Alpine Beautiful, provided information on the KAB Mission, and displayed recyclable Totes.

March 2013, in cooperation with the Alpine High School Student Council and Honor Society, the club hosted a meeting on "Keep Alpine Beautiful" with guest speaker KAB Coordinator and attended by representatives of SC & HS and Principal & Student Counselor.  The group has painted the ground on the entrance of the Porter's Thriftway and True Value and will do other stores in town to remind people to use recyclable totes in lieu of plastic bags.

2012 -  the GFWC Juniorettes of Alpine was awarded 1st place again for their programs/projects under Juniorettes category I in Texas.  

The club project 2011-2012 was to improve the Children's library at the Alpine Community Center  by painting the book shelves and replacing the old dilapidated books.

This was awarded the GFWC Focus on Literacy Grant.  

Lauren Garrett who is the club president and graduated 4th place of AHS Class 2012 was selected to be the Outstanding GFWC TEXAS Juniorette 2012.   

Melissa Pena, Salutatorian of AHS Class 2012 & Club Secretary,  received the GFWC Texas Western District Alma Van Sickle Scholarship.  M Pena was selected as LEADS Rep but has to relinquish the position due to inability to attend GFWC LEADS 2012 in Charlotte, NC.

 The Club held a Blue Ribbon Christmas Luncheon in December and invited their parents, faculty members and Marfa Radio Staff  came to interview the principal and officers regarding the Blue Ribbon Award rec'd by AHS 2011 and club projects.  REATA, the Texas legendary cuisine of Alpine & Ft Worth, sponsored the lunch.

 The Club hosted the 3rd Annual Go TEXAN Fall Festival in Nov 2011 during ARTWALK and promoted Texas products/produce, Arts & Crafts,  and club commemorative t-shirt and tote bag imprinted with club pictures highlighting the AHS Blue Ribbon Award 2011,  to benefit club projects.  Their artistic Hats were also admired by many.

 The Club held a "Make a Difference" meeting as a recruitment event/project in April 2012  and rec'd the GFWC Club Membership Grant.  

2011 - the club has chosen to initiate, develop, and support the TEEN Section of the Alpine Public Library under construction as their Community Improvement Project 2010-2012.  

Awarded the GFWC Focus on Literacy grant.

Alyssa Fields, club president, is the Outstanding Juniorette 2011.

This year, all clubs websites were recognized, including this  AJ website.

2010 - Won 1st Place in the Community Improvement Contest during TFWC 113th Annual Convention in Corpus Christ on their Literacy Project.


2009-2010 - Helped in the improvement of literacy efforts in Big Bend collaborating with Alpine Literacy Committee.  Donated books, dictionaries, solar calculators and served as tutors as requested.

Awarded GFWC Focus on Literacy Grant

2008-2009: The Alpine Juniorettes believe strongly in the importance of becoming involved in school activities and with the community. Being a Juniorette has helped each member develop friendships, create memories, and learn important life lessons. The members want more fellow students at Alpine High School to join them in their efforts.

Awarded the GFWC Club Membership Grant 2009 & TFWC Special Membership Award 2009

2007:  Invited young lady author of “Ana’s Story:  A Journey of Hope,” illuminating the effect of HIV, on a young seventeen year old mother, for the youth of our community.

Awarded GFWC Women’s Health Grant

2006: Raised awareness within the Alpine Elementary School about the importance of reading while doing fundraising money to benefit the Alpine Public Library.

Awarded GFWC Literacy Grant

2005:  Promoted awareness, education, prevention of health & wellness issues that affect everyone, especially young women in Alpine High School holding a separate open forum for boys and girls with a Family Practice Medical Doctor and a Mid-level Healthcare Provider as speakers.

Awarded TFWC Club Grant

2004: Shared Easter Joy with the children of Family Crisis Center of Big Bend, providing Easter baskets filled with books, toys, crayon, and candies from a wish list of the children.

Alpine High School Students

Making a Difference In

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All Alpine High School Students are Welcome!

Tel/Fax: 432-837-9188


Year Organized 2003

Year Federated 2004

The Charter was presented during the 107th TFWC Annual convention in Ft. Worth.

Alpine Juniorette Charter Members

Juniorettes Benefit From:

Mentoring and leadership training by experienced clubwomen

Materials and resources available from GFWC’S professional Headquarters staff

Opportunities to compete for national recognition and awards

Developing organizational skills

Experience through volunteer work that can clarify educational and career opportunities

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GFWC Juniorettes of Alpine are "Alpine High School Students Making a Difference in our School and Community."

The Alpine Juniorettes invite teens, clubs, the Big Bend community and corporate sponsors to support its Community Improvement Project to initiate, develop and support the TEEN SECTION of the Alpine Public Library, which is under construction.  Fundraisers will continue, grants application and donations are welcome! Please call 432/837-9188 for further information or email:  

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The sale of the purple tote is on-going this year by popular demand @$20 plus S&H,  to benefit club projects,  free shipping for order of 5 totes to one address

Alpine High School Students Making a Difference

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Alpine Juniorettes Officers and Committee 2013-14:

front l-r: Kaela Michaelis - Corresponding Secretary, Megan Gilmore - Treasurer, Rebecca Garcia - President, Erika Novosad, Mimi Vargas,.

back l-r: Victor Vega - Jr. Ambassador, Hannah Olvera - Secretary, Jonathan Celaya - Sr. Ambassador, Tim Ou , & Courteney Malik - VP.

Not in picture:  Catherine Ritzi & Maggie Hillery